Lead Generation LegalShield Script

Script to talk with the customer about legal plans


Script: How to Greet?

Hello ( on Call)

Hi, Mam. Greetings of the day. I am John, from Legal Shield. How May I Assist you?

Hi, I have seen your advertisement, and I was looking for a lawyer. I need help regarding a mishap that took place during a recent date of mine. The person did fraud, trespassing, smashed me through the door, and a lot more. Well, I was looking for help regarding that. 

Well, you have landed at the right place. Legal Shield is one of the best law firms active in the 50 states of the UK and Canada. We are providing law assistance to people across all countries. May I know where do you belong? 

Yes, I am from Georgia. Do you serve in the state?

Yes, mam. We do serve in Georgia. Let me explain to you how does the Legal Shield works? 


Script: Explain about company and services


May I know your name, please?

Yes, My name is Krystine Louie.

What is the zip code of your area?

Well, I am from Georgia, and the zip code is 30552

Ok. We have a strong network of all the well-qualified and experienced lawyers in all the states. With your zip code and the primary details of your case; I can find the best lawyer for you. 

To avail of our services, you have to pay minimum charges that can give you access to our law firm. We do not charge you any hasty fees of hundreds and thousands of dollars, but to avail of our services, you just need to pay a small amount of 54 dollars.

Can you make the payment?

Well, Yes. I can do that.

Moreover, our services are just a tap away from you. We provide the client with the utmost convenience by offering them a user-oriented app with an easy interface. Here you can find all the services provided by us. Moreover, when you search the service on our app that is relevant to your case, you would get the callback from the attorney, at the earliest within the working hours. 

Oh… That’s Great.

Thank You, Mam. So, can we proceed with the payment?  How would you like to pay, Debit or Credit Card?

Let us go with the debit, but I would connect to you for providing the details later in the evening. 

Sure, Mam. You can call me back anytime on the same number. When you call me back, you have to share your card number and some necessary details for the transaction. So, please make sure you are ready with that and have a minimum of 24.95 dollars to debit from your card. 

Yes, I would do the needful.


Script: Call Conclusion



May I help you with anything else? 

No. It is all for the time being.

It is my pleasure to talk to you, and I will be happy to assist you. Will wait for your call, or else you can let me know the right time to give you a callback.

I will call you back around 3 pm.

Ok mam. Thank you for the call. We assure you for satisfactory service.

Thanks. Looking forward to it.

Please take care, and have a nice day.