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LegalShield Event 2019 at Dallas

This year 2019, LegalShield will be holding a conference (a yearly LegalShield event) where associates and customers can meet up to discuss the amazing benefits of Company. LegalShield is a legal insurance company that provides people with fully trained lawyers at an affordable price. Thanks to LegalShield, gone are the days when you had to

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What are membership leads?

Most companies don’t have a very good system to keep on top of their leads. Surely it would make sense for you to do so in order to put yourself those few steps ahead of your competition. But what exactly are membership leads? To put it simply a membership lead is a fancy word for

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How email tracking help legal sales people?

Do you have leads for your legal sales and your potential clients have opened your email? If yes, what links do they click? This information can be quite vital for the legal sales team. With this information, you can find out if clients are actually reading your mail and note it to follow up appropriately.

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3 Key Benefits of lead management

Companies are using many methods to attract new customers. After all, no customers, no business. Similarly there is another new method that many companies are adopting is lead management. What is a lead? A lead is a person who has the potential of one day becoming a customer. Having an effective system, which manages leads,

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Taxpayer guide to Identity theft

Identity theft. We often read about it in the news. Whenever you do, it’s likely that you might think to yourself  that will never happen to me’, but the reality is that it could happen to anybody. Although having a social security number can be vital, it can also be very dangerous. If it gets

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Why writing a business plan is important?

Starting your own company is a lot of hard work. But if you put on the hours, you can take out the dollars. The vast majority of businesses fail after the first year, they simply don’t make enough profit to be able to continue operating. One way to lessen the chances of your business closing

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LegalShield vs USLawShield

In an ideal world, lawyers wouldn’t be necessary. However, it’s no secret that we don’t live in an ideal world. Whether it’s the government, a company or an individual, when somebody has acted illegally against you, you want somebody smart, reliable, and easy to work with on your side. So, the best way to ensure

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Why you need legal service plan?

A recent study from the American Bar Association found more than 80% of low income Americans are unable to receive the legal help they need due to cost barriers. Legal service plans provide a low cost affordable plans to give legal help right at your finger tips.  

Why It’s Important To Use Lead Generation Websites?

Lead generation websites create a marketplace where prospective clients list their requirements and allow the listed service providers to contact them. Lead generation is a boon for sales executives as it allows them to concentrate on pre-qualified prospects that are aware of the services offered and prices charged for the same. Lead generation is an

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