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Mastering LegalShield MLM: Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Are you striving to build your LegalShield business but find yourself stuck in a web of outdated techniques that just aren’t producing results?

If you’re still relying on the ‘friends and family’ approach or flooding your social media with LegalShield pitches, it’s time for a strategic shift.

The ‘Friends and Family’ Trap

Imagine opening a new flower shop in town. Would you limit your customer base to just your relatives and close friends, repeatedly asking them to buy your flowers? Probably not.

The same applies to LegalShield MLM. Instead of bothering your inner circle, it’s crucial to tap into a broader audience.

Example: Think of it as advertising your flower shop to the entire town, targeting those who have specific events like birthdays, parties, anniversaries, or romantic occasions on their horizon.

Social Media Overload Posting

LegalShield promotions incessantly on your social media accounts might seem like a logical step, but it’s akin to casting a wide net and hoping for a catch.

In reality, you’re more likely to annoy people who are on social media for a different purpose altogether.

Example: It’s like trying to sell gourmet chocolates at a football game concession stand—your audience isn’t there for what you’re offering.

Job Search Sites Misstep

Some LegalShield associates venture into job search websites like LinkedIn or Indeed to find potential recruits. However, this approach can be seen as misleading and ethically questionable.

Most job seekers are seeking immediate income, not a business opportunity.

Example: Imagine you’re offering aspiring chefs a chance to become software developers when all they want is a cooking job.

The “No Context” Approach

Imagine entering a networking event and immediately shouting about LegalShield without any prior engagement or context. It’s not just ineffective; it’s downright comical. People aren’t receptive when approached out of the blue.

Example: Picture interrupting a book club meeting to passionately pitch LegalShield memberships—it’s an odd fit.



So, how can you avoid these pitfalls and attract high-quality LegalShield leads?

Attracting Quality LegalShield prospects are like diamonds in the rough. They are individuals actively seeking legal solutions or interested in legal plans and want to build a business.

Here’s how to reach them effectively: –

Online Targeting:

Utilize online advertising to target individuals actively searching for legal services or looking for business opportunities. Reach them when they are in the right frame of mind.


Content Marketing:

Create valuable content that addresses legal issues and solutions. This positions you as an authority in the field and attracts those seeking assistance.


Network Strategically:

Attend industry-specific events and forums where you can connect with individuals genuinely interested in what you offer.


Provide Value:

Offer free resources or consultations to showcase the value of LegalShield.

Remember, success in LegalShield MLM hinges on your ability to connect with the right people at the right time. Move away from outdated tactics, and embrace modern strategies to build your LegalShield business effectively.