Lead Generation LegalShield Script

Script: Know The Best Ways To Address The Query of Your Client

The client seeks interest in your services or not highly depends on the way you interact. A lame start may make your highly convertible lead go out of your hand. On the other hand, a firm, confidence, and a polite way of addressing can regain the lost interest of your client. 

So, it highly depends on the customer support manager what will be the response of the client.

Before jumping directly on to the point, greetings and introduction indicate that you care.

Here is Tips To Start Conversation:

Hello, Good Morning. I am John from [Company Name]. May I know who is on the other side?

Yes, Hi. It’s Mary.

It’s my pleasure to seek a privilege to serve you. I hope you are doing well.


Please guide, how may I be helpful today?

I was looking for a Civil Attorney in San Diego.

Well, you are in the right place to seek the best assistance for any of your legal issues. Let me explain to you the workflow of [Company Name].

Yes, That Would Be Great.


Get the Details


Mary before we proceed can i have your phone number just in case we get disconnected.

Sure, my number is xxxxxxxxxx.

Thanks Mary, let me explain you the process now.


Steps To Guide The Client About The Legal Plans:

Never be in a hurry while explaining the plans to the client. Make sure you detail every point. Try to answer every query correctly. 

Check The Following Conversation To Get an Idea


For availing guidance and assistance under the best attorney for any of your legal issues, you need to subscribe to our legal program. It will cost you 49.90 dollars a month.

Ok. Are there any additional charges?

No, mam. There are no hidden charges for our services.

That’s great. What is the procedure?

Can you make the payment?

Well, Yes. I can do that.

Once you have taken the membership, you can call us to detail your issue, or you can use the app for your customised requirement. As you have initiated your query, we look for the best attorney in your area. 
Now, we share your details with the attorney. You can expect a call back from the secretary of the attorney within an hour. It is essential to take down the minute queries of your case. At the same time, the secretary will assign you a case number.


Next, you will get a call from the attorney within two to three hours. Here you can discuss every possible thing and seek assistance. If required, you can fix the time for meeting the attorney as everything might not be evident over the call.

Well, do I need to pay any extra fees to the attorney.

No, mam. You do not need to pay any additional fees to the attorney unless he is compelled to follow you to the court. 
Also, you are not payable every time, even for a court visit. There are some exclusions in the cases when an attorney charges you a fee for following to the court. 
Now, here also you get a privilege of being a member. You have a 25% discount on the fees of the attorney or any of the services that are not covered in your plan.

Ok. Sounds Good. Well, I have some urgency. Can I give you a callback?

Yes, mam. You can call me back anytime. I am always here to assist you. I hope you have my number.


Just for confirmation can you please say the last three digits.


Well, that is not my number. Can you please take down my correct number.

Well, yes. Please say.

It’s 8..0..8..0..3..9..0..1..0. I hope you could write it correctly.

Yes, I would repeat to cross-check. It’s 808039010.

Perfect. Please feel free to connect as and when possible. Write my name too. It’s Sanders. S..A..N..D..E..R..S…

Ok. Will call you back. Thanks. Bye.

You are welcome, mam. Have a nice day.


The Conclusion:

Here, in the above conversation, if you would not have confirmed the information and number, the client could have no way to reach you back.
They might be in a hurry, but requesting a minute for complete details can help you in getting a happy customer.

There is a difference in being an advisor and a good advisor. These minute details make the big difference