Lead Generation LegalShield

Effective sales process to sell LegalShield legal plans?

LegalShield is 50 years old and rebranded to PPLSI to accommodate more brands like LegalShield, IdShield, etc. 

As an associate, are you ready to grow with LegalShield? 

Here are the essential points to help you increase LegalShield plans sales.


1. Understand your objective –

Your ultimate goal is to increase sales, bring more recruitment, and enroll more legal plan memberships.

If you think you can reach your goal by selling to friends, relatives, and colleagues, no surprise you never meet your goal.

You will be out of prospects soon. Therefore, it would be best if you were proactive with a plan to find prospects interested in LegalShield legal plans and LegalShield business opportunities. 


2. Reach your target audience. –

When it comes to selling legal plans, your target should be people looking for legal help or looking for a legal plan.

Most of us assume that websites and social media are the best way to gain traffic, but it doesn’t worth a lot.

Instead, it will swallow your time and money in content composition, SEO, and supervision.

Do you want to wait for months to wish your content and SEO work in your favor?

Do you know, You can do reasonably faster if you put that money and time directly working with lead generators that target prospects related to your requirements.

At first, it sounds like a lot of work; however, it is much more effortless than creating content and working on SEO.

A good lead generation company can provide prospects interested in legal plans and sales.

Buy leads, and start calling hot leads—no waiting period to reach your target audience. 


3. Do not sell –

Yes, it is correct; you don’t need to sell. You are not a salesperson because the prospect needs legal help, not a product.

You don’t need to seed your audience to enroll in a legal plan. If somebody requires legal help, the prospect will find you. However, you need to present there when the prospect searches online for legal help.

Most of the associates do not have a legal background, and they are not a salesperson either. So it’s natural that you might think legal plans are also a product everyone is interested in, and you may start narrating leads about the magical changes a legal plan brings to life.

Don’t do it. You are not marketing consumer goods; actually, you are not trading anything at all.

Instead, you provide an essential service that protects people from unfair trials, saves individual and professional careers, and protects individuals and families’ rights, interests, reputations, and finances.

Hence don’t speak to prospects like a salesperson. Instead, be their solution provider or guide them through the strategy of acquiring legal help affordably. 


4. Follow up.

Don’t take your customers for granted.

According to Hubspot, 80% of sales require at least five follow-up calls before the deal reaches “Closed Won” status.


Since 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up, there really are a lot of lost opportunities for closed deals!


Remember – A satisfied customer is the best source for promoting your business and acquiring new customers.

Advantages of keeping in touch with customers:

  1. It improves customers satisfaction – it gives customers an option to be heard effectively.
  2. It helps you to retain customers.
  3. It boasts new sales opportunities.
  4. Lowers negative feedback because follow-up improves trust and cultivates an understanding of how your services work.


Finally – The CheckList.

Understand your sales funnel. 

Following is the checklist for an effective sales process to sell LegalShield legal plans.

  1. Target – Connect with the targetted audience.
  2. Solution – Guide them on the solution to their legal problem.
  3. Awareness – Provide them LegalShield advantages.
  4. Offer – Send the necessary details, contact numbers, presentations, and your LegalShield website.
  5. Decision – Do follow-ups and help them to decide.