Lead Generation LegalShield

Where do you find leads to sell your LegalShield plan?

As a LegalShield associate, you are driven by the leads to sell your legal plans and recruit new associates.

You should know that it’s not an MLM where you sell cosmetics or health supplements to anyone you come across.

You must feel great because you are in a business where people are willing to contact you instead of making cold calls. This is the beauty of legal services; people need them regularly without delay. And if you can do better marketing, many of these needy prospects connect to you.

It’s similar to the patient who needs a doctor. However, you are not the doctor but a gate to the Hospital(LegalShield). A person in need of legal help can come to the Hospital – LegalShield if they find the gate -You at the right time.

You are the bridge between the patient and the hospital.

Hence, the moral of the story, you need a marketing plan to target people currently in need of legal help, not a random guy.

Now comes the question – How do you do the marketing?

It is expected that a newly enrolled associate first tries to market the plans to relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Unfortunately, this is not marketing; it’s just the cold calling because they are not experiencing legal issues. If they don’t need legal help, they are not interested in knowing about legal plans.

Another option you would consider is Social media; of course, it could be a good option but how many people really search for legal help on Facebook or Twitter? Social media is suitable for shopping leads, dating leads, or travel leads.

Everybody google first rather than socializing their legal issues. “I need a divorce lawyer” doesn’t sound like a social search. Your prospects are active on Google while you search for leads on social media platforms.

You need a targetted audience, not just random tweets about legal facts or lawyer fees.

And one more thing to consider, business needs a regular flow of customers interested in your products. Otherwise, it becomes a liability to you.

Customers increase motivation; they are the backbone of a business. So you need a stable resource to supply customers to your business. And it comes through the players like Google Paid Ads, especially for the small businesses like legal sales.

Target customers looking for a legal plan while they are currently searching for legal help, and bam, they hit your capture page.

So instead of just waiting for customers, you should start targeting customers currently searching online for legal plans, lawyers, and legal help. They are your best bet to sell legal plans.


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