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LegalShield vs USLawShield

In an ideal world, lawyers wouldn’t be necessary.

However, it’s no secret that we don’t live in an ideal world.

Whether it’s the government, a company or an individual, when somebody has acted illegally against you, you want somebody smart, reliable, and easy to work with on your side.

So, the best way to ensure that you have this is to get legal coverage.

A legal coverage company will charge you a monthly fee, but in exchange they will be there for you as soon as you need them.

Although there are many companies which provide this, in this article, we’ll be covering 2 of them, LegalShield and USLawShield.

Philosophy of LegalShield and USLawShield

The philosophy of LegalShield is rather easy to explain.

Nobody should ever be in a situation in which they require a lawyer but don’t have one.

This means that they provide affordable and easy to access legal coverage that covers a whole range of areas: Landlords, finance, traffic, estate, employment, etc.

Their most popular offer is less than $25 a month. And this covers unlimited consultation call time, document review (up to 15 pages), auto-coverage, and 24/7 emergency access.

They also offer a plan for less than $12 dollars a month and an advanced plan which is less than $40 a month.

The philosophy of USLawShield is a little bit different as they are based primarily on firearms.

They believe that nobody who has used a firearm, legally, for the purpose of self-defence, should be charged with any criminal convictions.

The purpose of the second amendment is that when you are attacked, you will be able to defend yourself.

As well as legal coverage, U.S.LawShield also offer eduction on gun law and safety.

Education is done via seminars, publications, newsletters, videos, and updates on changes in gun law.

After all, they don’t want firearms to be used to hurt others!

U.S.LawShield also offers a few additional add ons which you can pay for- a bit like at a burger joint.

You can pay for hunter coverage, children’s coverage, multi-state coverage, and bail bond & expert witness coverage.

Even without add ons, you will get unlimited consultation hours when it comes to defence.

What’s more, they will also defend you when you use any legal weapon for it’s legal purpose.

Unlike most other legal coverage firms, they don’t charge more for better coverage (apart from their add ons). One month is $12 a month or $22 a month for couples.

Specialities of LegalShield and USLawShield

LegalShield’s most unique quality is it’s associate programme which enables people to become entrepreneurs by selling LegalShield’s services to other people. This means that not only do they provide amazing legal coverage, they also provide opportunities for people to make money.

Read more how you can become legalshield associate?

As well as that, they also offer discounts on many shopping sites including Sketchers, Verizon, and Harry and David.

Finally, they’re fantastic with time sensitive matters. In such circumstances, they will try to call you within one hour. If that fails, they will attempt 3 more times before using another method to contact you.

Despite their differences, these 2 companies do have a couple of things in common, after all, both of them have the goal of making their customers happy.

1. Both of them offer 24/7 access to an attorney.

You never know when you might be wrongfully arrested, and that’s why it’s important to make sure that you have somebody who understands the law and is able to get you out of that cell and back into freedom.

That’s why a 24/7 attorney is a necessity for any legal coverage firm. This attorney will be professional, smart, easy to work with, and easy to talk to.

2. Another similarity is that they allow you to get on with your life.

They only interfere with you when you need them!

Instead of constantly bombarding you with questions, and trying to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong, they just let you do you until the time comes when you need to let them do them.

This will enable you to live your life as normal without having to worry about any legal mumbo-jumbo that only lawyers should have to worry about.

3. The final similarity is that they care deeply about providing the best legal coverage possible for their customers.


LegalShield and USLawShield are two very different companies that offer very different services so it would be hard to say which one is “better”.

Whilst LegalShield is more expensive, and doesn’t cover defensive, it does cover a huge range of other legal topics.

USLawShield however, is incredibly cheap and offers fantastic defensive coverage, although not much coverage for anything else.

I would say that if you can only pick one, pick USLawShield if you think you’re likely to need to defend yourself one day.

However, if that doesn’t sound like you, LegalShield might be better.

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