Want to be an associate?

Want to be an associate?

As a legalshield associate when you get an opportunity to communicate with prospect in acute need of a lawyer having an issue related to divorce, child custody, bankruptcy or child support, How did you convince or tell them that legalshield can help you? that there exists a 40+ year old that can help you and your family legal issues.

When i joined the legal leads business 8 year ago, I had the same questions baffled me. Prospect requested for legal help not a membership, prospect looking for lawyer not a representative. This is not going into right way this should be changed. You are not talking about help you are talking about business. How would you do this to a person in need of legal help? This is not ethical.

All these questions bumped and i dared to find answer of all these mind boggling doubt.

I asked my boss views on these jumble, got no help, can’t argue, after all this job feeding me & my family.

ok find another way. Read prospects leads by to understand what they want, legal help or membership?

Well not a single lead asking for membership all of them looking for legal help. So why talk about membership? Well with time while talking, reading and replying emails of prospects and associates for last 8 years of leads distribution i noticed few key statistics that answered my questions.

Here are the stats after 7000 leads analysis in Oct and Nov 2017:

1. People need attorney not twice or thrice. they need attorney through out year. According to our database stats around 43% prospects came back for help 4-5 time an year.

2. Hourly charges of attorney not fit in budget of 95% of prospects. On average lawyers fees ranges from $250 to $550 per hour.

3. Out of 7000 leads of Oct and Nov 2017

45% showed interest in legalshield membership,

33% showed no interest in membership and

26% said they need time to think about legalshield.

4. The Conversion rate varies between 30%-50%, that means every 3-5 leads out of 10 are turning into membership. Nearly 3 leads out of 10 say they don’t have money and rest are either wrong leads (wrong/missing phone number, case not good for membership) or thinks that legal plans are scam.

5. Leads with divorce issue show high probability to convert into membership. If there is a child involve than chances increase by 30% depending on associate sales skills.

6. Criminal charges and Medical Malpractice leads are worst leads.

7. Regular follow ups increase 40% chances of conversion. You need to show them legal plans there advantage and build trust on your services.

8. Cherry picker leads are best and preferred way to increase associates sales skills.

All these above figures show that people believe in legal services. Company breaking old records and continued high active memberships. New Associates increase by 22% from 2016.

Source: Salesexpert.me database, Businesswire.com

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