6 Unbeatable Ways to Satisfy Customers

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6 Unbeatable Ways to Satisfy Customers

In a truly successful organization, customer ‘delight’ is one of the priorities. Many companies strive to satisfy customers by providing novel experiences. However, creating that ‘awesome’ experience takes planning and structure.

Here are some ideas on how you can Satisfy customers every day.

1. Be Thankful

Today, most of the people are on Twitter. Just like mailer list, you can take details of your customers’ twitter accounts and drop in gratitude tweets when they make a purchase or on certain events. Similarly, the traditional idea of ‘Thank you’ package also works wonders. Adapt stylized and colorful handwritten notes than printed ones.

2. Establish a Professional, Yet Friendly Bond

While maintaining a professional relationship with customers is essential, you can make it warmer with friendly auto-responders when they put a query in email, telephone call (when the lines are busy) etc. Make sure you quickly respond to your customers.

3. Greetings and Offers on Special Occasions

Is it your customer’s birthday? Is it their 10th purchase with your company? Have they been associated with the organization for many years now? Convey your greetings to the customers on their special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays etc. Make a personal phone call and extend your well wishes to them.

Send them birthday cards, New Years card and many such greetings when occasion demands. Provide them discount coupons and offers on specific events.

4. More Gifts and Freebies

Apart from being thankful and friendly with customers, your organization can represent a caring attitude by giving them access to freebies such as additional advice, courses, loyalty + referral programs, useful materials and tutorials they can download that ask for no fee or charges.

If the customer is a parent, go beyond and send goody bags for their kids, it will really make your customer happy. Surprise gifts are also very welcome.

5. Social Media Tricks

Get your company out there on social media platforms, as it is a great way to expand your existing networks, explore potential customers, and watch their behaviour. Social media promotion will help you with growing customer delight as you update him/her about new offers/services/product line etc.

Do not forget to monitor these platforms regularly. You must respond to every comment on your firm’s social media account.

6. Become a Super Organization

The above-said ways to delight customers can be made better. For example- video chats rather than phone calls with customers/clients on matters that are of high priority. It may help build trust. Maintain unique personal worksheets. Do not repeat custom products or it will bore the customers.

Use people’s first name during correspondence, conduct customer surveys, sign-up for a project management system, provide PFD welcome packet or kit, and keep your services/product easy to understand with a beautiful and organized website.

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