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Domain age help in online marketing

In this video, Matt Cutts states that:

 The difference between a domain that’s six months old versus one year old is really not that big at all.

So acc. to Matt a domain age is not that important in defining website rank, but wait is that mean domain age is not important at all ?

Well I doubt on it, WHY ? because

They say with age you become wise and same applied to an aged active domain. Old active domains can provide you first hand in online marketing and Online marketing is the need of the present.

Your domain is of imperative when you are transacting in a business. In fact, it is the age of the domain which needs to be taken into criteria when you are considering it for your online marketing.

In fact, the best example of the same is the high spam rate which impacted Donald’s Trump first fundraising mail, even when the fundraising was a trendsetter in terms of money which was gained.

donald trump email went to spam

The failure of email campaign is accredited to the change of email domain from old to a newer one. Read more here

Whether you have a small business setup, a large business empire or you are an entrepreneur; the significance of online marketing cannot be negated.

In fact, when you consider the present picture, it is of immense importance to take the age of domain into consideration.

When you consider the internet a domain is part of every network address. It in turn includes website address, FTP, IRC, SSH and email addresses. Hence, the significance of domain cannot be negated.

So, if the active domain is old it is better trust worthy and hence greater impact on business. However, it is vice versa if the active domain is newer.

When you send email via an old active domain there is less probability of it reaching the spam folder and hence being of better usage.

Hence, when you are next planning to pursue online marketing it is significant to take care of domain age.

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