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Should you buy New domain or Old Domain?

It is undoubtedly a big tussle for every businessmen to decide a domain name for his business.

Millions of domains twinkle in web universe and you are looking for a brightest domain that can attract more visitors.


There are many things to consider when starting a website, the first decision you will need to make is the domain name.

You can opt to create your own domain or buy an old one. This decision can have an immediate impact on your business, as buying an active old domain will help you rank faster on search engines.

To get some insight about the difference of using new or old domain,

we did an experiment on two domains ( registered in 2010 but not used ) and ( registered and used in 2012 ).

While keep running we copied whole site to and started SEO on both with same keywords.

To our surprise comes before in google search results.

We extended our experiment by applying google PPC campaign over both websites ( same ad , same budget etc. ) and still ads showed first on google rather than

Why Buy Old Domain Names?

When considering buying an old domain, it isn’t the name that will have an effect on your site’s search results, but the domain’s rank and its backlink authority.


If you purchase a domain that ranked high on search engine results pages or has a great backlink profile, then you can take advantage of that and rank faster on search engines like Google.

The domain name doesn’t even have to be within your business niche to work well for you.

When you do buy an old domain, you can either use a 301 redirect to create trust and acquire the old site’s authority or you can re-establish the domain instead.

If you create content for your industry and publish it on the old domain, you can use it to promote your brand.

Why Not New Domain Names ?

You should consider registering a unique domain name if you decide to go with a new domain.

A unique domain that represent your business such as will make it easier for customers to find your website, which can help increase sales, and it provides credibility for your website since it is under your business name.

The main reason for not using a unique domain name is that it can be cost prohibitive for small businesses.

However, developing a new domain name takes time, so you should consider buying an old domain so you can take advantage of its established trust value.

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