Lead Generation

10 Best Lead Generation Techniques that Promise Success

Lead generation is the biggest resource for contacting prospects, customers, target audience and more. It is a way through which, you can generate contacts that you can communicate with and make them aware about your product, service, and brand or offering. Through lead-gen, you can maximize sales and business goals easily. Here are the top 10 lead generation techniques:

1. Referral Systems

If your company members can encourage or recommend other people to associate with your brand or and buy your products and services, then it is the most coveted prize in selling, other than the sales. Referral systems can work by word-of-mouth, personal invitation, get-togethers, events, via telephonic conversation, SMS etc.

2. Sampling

One of the ways to directly communicate with prospects, collect their data as well as let them experience your service or product, is sampling. If the audience likes or finds your product interesting, there is an increased chance of them becoming long-term customers.

For example: if you are providing graphic designing service, you can approach few companies and design their website or social media creative for free initially. If they like your service, you can be hired permanently.

3. Internet/E-Commerce

Internet is now an essential medium in business communication. Whenever people need information, they browse the web for answers. You require a good website, which maximizes your exposure. Making a website informative, attractive and user-friendly will open up many frontiers to interact with new prospects, thus establish a system that aptly converts them into customers.

4. Email Marketing

Cost saving, greater reach and effective way of communication- emails are a great way of marketing as well as lead generation. You can design attractive templates, share media files, and attach call to action via emails.

5. Advertorials and News Stories

There are many news websites and bloggers, who are prepared to publish your stories in their circle. Writing news stories and articles is quickest and easiest way to build your company’s reputation. However, you must come up with research and articles ideas to write successful articles.

6. Viral Marketing

What if you get a person/prospect to share your brand story, information about your product or service willingly with others and the cycle goes on to reach thousands of people in a matter of a short-span? This is what we call viral marketing, which mostly is successful on the internet and social media platforms.

For viral marketing, you need compelling content in form of image, GIF, video, write-up etc. which motivates others to share the message ahead. In this way, you get to generate a large amount of leads, who seem already interested in your offering.

7. Use Your Competitors Resources

It could be difficult to get hands on competitor’s unconverted, unsold leads or prospects, but many companies do use resources of competitors. It could work wonders, particularly if the customer or lead was unsatisfied with the competitor, then the chance for converting such leads is higher.

8. Telemarketing

Telemarketing works well with direct email or call as it allows you to identify prospects and reach them directly. Along with being an effective way to generate leads, it builds relationship, gently leading the prospects to a purchasing decision. It also allows you to receive immediate feedback from people and understand their likes or dislikes in regards to your company.

9. Public Relations and Publicity

Media channels are hungry for credible, interesting, factual information. If you can create newsworthy stories, then the media platforms can promote the same to large number of people, also your customers, and random viewers or readers. Through proficient public relation effort, you can generate leads that could be converted quickly. Some of the good sources for PR activities are newspapers, magazines, newsletters, trade journals, radio, websites etc.

10. Networking

A good networking tactics is cost-efficient and can get quality leads for your firm. You may have hundreds of personal/professional contacts, and if you communicate your company message with them effectively, they can become your leads. Educate the people you meet about the benefits of your service or product in order to create a lasting impressing and quickly expand your network and maximize your chances of success.

The above-mentioned lead generation methods are easy to undertake, budget-friendly and give best results. There are many more in the list, however, these 10 methods can work wonders if you execute these the right way.