Update: Criminal leads are stopped in web page email marketing.

Hey Associates,

I wanted to provide you with an update on the feedback provided by many associates regarding stopping the generation of criminal leads in web page promotion orders.

We took customers’ requests seriously and prioritized addressing the issue of identifying email marketing subscribers who need criminal law help among the numerous phone calls, messages, and subscription forms we receive.

Our dedicated team worked tirelessly, implementing changes to our subscriber funnels to determine the type of legal issue more accurately. As a result, we can now successfully filter out criminal leads from web page orders.

I want to emphasize that we have already been excluding criminal leads from our real-time web leads for associates. This new update ensures a better experience for web page promotion orders.

However, if you would like to receive criminal leads, please get in touch with us at or via our live chat, and we will be more than happy to accommodate your request exclusively.

We value your input and always appreciate any suggestions you may have. We are committed to meeting your business requirements and continuously improving our services based on your feedback.

Thank you, all LegalShield associates, for helping us enhance our services for you! If you have further suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you.



Best regards,

Bharat Sharma | The Legal Leads Company

by Bharat Sharma Consultancy LLC

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