Cherry Picker

What is Cherry picker system?

A law firm or attorney who uses a third-party service to connect with leads can take benefit of the Cherry picker system, which is a cost-effective method to buy leads.

In Cherry picker system, the customer can directly buy leads that bear the age of at least 1 day and/or older, or in other words- not a real-time lead but which has put a request at least 1 day ago. Such leads land up in Cherry picker category because their request does not fetch them the results they need in real-time.

For example, a person has a health insurance claim, which is being denied and wants to consult an attorney that very evening at a certain time and location. However, none of the attorneys match up to this requirement in real-time, so the un-purchased lead with unmet request shows in the Cherry Picker section of the user’s login account.

Why Should Clients Use the Cherry Picker System to Buy Leads?

Now why should the customer buy such leads? It is because the costing of such lead in some cases is 40% lower than the real-time one. In case the clients want to purchase such lead, they can simply pick the one they want and complete the billing process. All other regulations to the leads are same as for those in the real-time.

If the lead is false, then the refund can be claimed. However, this structure works on the first-come-first-serve basis. Thus, one may have to hurry to buy the leads in order to not lose those out to other buyers. However, 90 percent of the leads are available mostly in real-time.

What are the Other Benefits of Cherry Picker Leads?

  • Clients can filter out the leads by subcategory, state, and other criteria to save time and efforts and go ahead with quick purchase on deciding on a lead.
  • It is an added value service and offers open access to the second database of untouched leads.
  • One can optimize on his/her current lead flow with unsold ‘aged’ leads.

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Which to Choose: Real-time leads or Leads from Cherry Picker?

A client can choose both real-time leads and those from Cherry picker system. While real-time results are set to get a greater response, checking the later is also optimum as the customer is able to discover valuable leads, which are within or around the boundaries of expertise, area or practice, and geo-targeting. These leads in Cherry picker section surface conveniently on the client’s user account with all information along with lead’s age.

Thus, both types of above leads in question are best for purchase as long these fulfill the requirements of the buyers.

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