How your webpage generate leads?

SalesExpert.meHow your webpage generate leads?

Hi if you are reading this article that means you are either a member of or you are interested in generating leads.

Well in both cases a common question every individual ask us is “How my webpage generate leads?” and thats too guaranteed leads. So this article will inform you about the strategy we use to generate leads through your webpage.

Although there are many SEO related work we do from our side which will help to boost your webpages indexing on Google search engine, There is one type of promotional activity which generate maximum leads from your webpage i.e. Email marketing.

Why Email marketing and content is important?

The three most commonly used B2B lead generation strategies are email marketing (78%), event marketing (73%), and content marketing (67%). Source

Now lets see how it works

If you look at our plans here , you notice we mention few thousand email number in each plan


These numbers are directly related to Guaranteed leads we offer in each plan. 

Lets take example of Bronze Plan :

It offers 2000 emails to subscribers per month. Considering the fact that approx. 150 email generate one lead at your webpage, you need at least 1500 emails to generate 10 leads. Thats the number of guaranteed leads we offer but on average every 2000 emails 12-15 leads generate.

Hence the more emails you have the more chances you make leads.

1 Bronze order = 2000 emails = 10-13 leads approx. = $3.08 per lead approx.
2 Bronze order = 4000 emails = 20-27 leads approx. = $2.95 per lead approx.
3 Bronze order = 6000 emails = 30-40 leads approx. = $2 per lead approx.





There are other promotional activities we run for your webpage like article writing, link building, showing your profile on our network websites. These all are effective for your long term promotions.

Note: The above numbers are approximate numbers. We only guarantee 10 leads per plan but keep doing email marketing for your profile according to the email quota of your plan. 

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