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generate leads helping many Associates to generate leads from there webpages. Associates generating leads every day and building teams. Some of the Associates even managed to generate more than 15 leads per day but some are struggling though.

Are you a member of and still struggling to generate leads from your webpages?

Let us help you to know what is the difference between your webpage and the successful webpages generating leads continuously.

1. You are still using default domain for your webpage

This is very first from the check list. The default domain for your webpage is an start for you but choosing domain related to your industry/company is much more better to generate leads.

Selecting a related domain increase your lead generation probability by 54%


2. You are still using default template for your webpage

The successful webpages using template that showcase an associates profile and the opportunities related to it. Prospects want more information about the opportunity they are seeking for and if your webpage design is not providing them the necessary information than its no use to prospect.

Our statistics show that Bounce rate decreased by 60% when members changed there default template.

Following is an example of Good template:

New Template Legalshield Associates

3. You havn’t added your details

Yes thats relate to #2 point, So you selected good template that showing your opportunity but adding your details increase your webpage authentication.

Prospects trust your webpage when they see a real person details on it. They prefer to look around your Facebook account, your tweets and wish to see stories about your success and your members success.


Good example of adding your details

4. You havn’t added your image on visiting card

Ever see a house without address? feel like an abandoned house isn’t it?

Believe us, prospects also feel the same way when they don’t see a contact number or a default pic, and what is the result? They leave your webpage.

Add your contact details, your pic, your phone number to make sure you attract prospects to contact you not just by email, they might be interested to call you or meet you.

Good example of contact details

Good example of contact details

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