Do’s And Don’ts While Calling Prospects Looking For Legal Help

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Do’s And Don’ts While Calling Prospects Looking For Legal Help

Wooing a client is one of the primary objectives of any client service executive in any organization. 

It may be an organization selling products or services, winning the confidence of the client, and sealing the deal should be the primary focus if one is mainly involved in any legal support service organization. 

People call the legal service providers when they are in distress and when they need legal consultation or appointing a lawyer to file or file a case in the court of law. It may be criminal or civil matters.

Being a legal sales associate working with any legal service provider, one should follow and avoid certain dos and don’ts so that the telephonic communication leads to building a solid foundation for fruitful turnout.

Let us discuss the features of how a legal sales associate should converse with the potential client over the phone and what the elements to avoid are.

The Do’s and Don’ts Are Mentioned below: Take a Look

Do’s Are:

Be Comfortable While Talking

It is one of the primary qualities that a legal service representative should have while making a career in phone-centric sales. 

Talking comfortably with the prospect only comes when the legal associate is knowledgeable enough about the business model of the organization. 

Having enough knowledge of the services provided the organization where one is working builds confidence and makes the expert confidence to tackle any questions from the client tactfully.


Greet The Client

As soon as the prospect calls, receive the call immediately, greet the client, and then introduce yourself by name and organization and ask how you can help in a polite tone. 

Often clients mishandle while talking, or they speak in a hurry due to tension. 

As a legal service associate, have enough patience and dig out the client’s legal problems with questions that you feel relevant. 

Ask the client’s name and the phone number so that you can be in constant touch with the prospect to provide the best services.


Show Interest

Show enough interest in your client’s queries so that the client feels comfortable to open up with the problems, and you can guide them accordingly with the right solution. 

Feel the vibe of the client and share your concern about the issues and the solutions your legal service organization can give.


Talk About The Service Charges Tactfully

Never tell the client directly about the service charges. 

Tell what way your legal assistance organization will work, how fast you can connect the client with the best attorney, and what extra services the legal plans will provide. 

Then tell in a soft voice that for the best legal services your organization will provide, the charges should be so on.


Give Cost Breakups

Give a breakup of the costs and what additional needed to be paid for certain legal cases so that there is no hide or seek about them. 

Prospects seeking legal help love to have an agency that is open in all respect. 

One should remember that the prospects contacted you to get a solution for his/her legal problems, and they need respite. 

Therefore, one should tactfully tell about the charges.


Discuss For The Preferred Time

After offering the membership and gauging the interest of the client, you should tell the client the time you will be calling back. 

Give time options to the prospect and fix the schedule accordingly.

Don’ts Are:

Do Not Start A Conversation Without Introduction

The introduction is the phase where a prospect can be half-won. 

Do not begin straightway of how you can help, open the discussion with greetings. 

As one cannot see the person on the phone, therefore greetings act as the path breaker. 

Never be in haste.

Do Not Act Smart

It isn’t brilliant to converse without proper knowledge. 

Clients can understand the hollow pulse and might hang up the call. 

Be knowledgeable and update yourself about the organizational services and stay confident and comfortable.

Never Be Casual while listening

Listen to the prospect carefully. 

If you are not clear of the matter, repeatedly ask for the problems. 

Being casual and not showing enough interest sounds unprofessional, and the client may feel ignored.

Never Hurry

One should not be in a hurry to end the conversation, thinking others may be waiting on the line. 

Remember, the old proverb that a bird in the hand is worth than two in a bush and therefore act judiciously.

Never Ask The Clients To Say In Short

It is found that many legal sales executives cut down the conversation and ask the prospect to talk in brief. 

It is not the way. Listen with great patience. 

The client may feel insulted and disconnect the phone, and there is no way you can get the prospect back. 

Never say that others are waiting over the phone, and one should speak briefly.

Never Hang Up Without Stating Any Reason

In case one needs to tell the client that you need to look into an instant database of the attorneys, and then ask the client if you can put the call on hold for the definite purpose. 

Getting positive response then only put the call on hold but remember to interact with the clients at regular intervals say after every 45 to 60 seconds and thank for the cooperation.

To Sum It Up

There is no shortage of legal assistance firms in the country. 

However, being a legal sales associate, one should follow the above do’s and don’ts and win the confidence of the prospects and turn them into clients. 

Speaking correctly and avoiding the don’ts can seal the deal.

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