Monthly Archives: September 2018

What are membership leads?

Most companies don’t have a very good system to keep on top of their leads. Surely it would make sense for you to do so in order to put yourself those few steps ahead of your competition. But what exactly are membership leads? To put it simply a membership lead is a fancy word for

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How email tracking help legal sales people?

Do you have leads for your legal sales and your potential clients have opened your email? If yes, what links do they click? This information can be quite vital for the legal sales team. With this information, you can find out if clients are actually reading your mail and note it to follow up appropriately.

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3 Key Benefits of lead management

Companies are using many methods to attract new customers. After all, no customers, no business. Similarly there is another new method that many companies are adopting is lead management. What is a lead? A lead is a person who has the potential of one day becoming a customer. Having an effective system, which manages leads,

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